Last exit before the bin ?

Funny title for a page! Those which collect the cameras will understand me.
When you make the collecting of cameras and that your entourage knows it, some of your friends, very kindly, give you some cameras. Sometimes, they buy some on the secondhand trades for you. The moment of the unpacking of the plastic bag which contains them is delicate, because, and it is quite normal, for somebody who knows nothing there, a camera which it comes from China or Germany, it is about similar. Shortly, you find yourselves with cumbersome cameras…. Unworthy (it is you who judge) to appear in a collection, they are there and it should them well be accepted if want that your friends (or parents) continue to cloud for you, with the hope to find one day the rare pearl, that you are not capable to find in spite of more than 300 rising Sunday at the crack of dawn.
“Thank you Uncle, you made very well.”

And now that Uncle left, does one do what of it? The trashcan? It is too stupid, then one puts them in a carton, where they will wander, like souls lost in the limbs.

I am certain that you have a carton of this type in the attic or the bottom of the garage. Thus seek it, that the discovery together is shared and that one makes some profit the other visitors. As Coluche said, I do not promise the great evening to you, but just a moment of fun with the worst of the pieces of junk.

These cameras not being generally referenced, always do not have identity, you thus do not trust inevitably the names that I allocate to them. If the desire itches you to know which is the value of such a cmaera, will know that it is null.

PS: you can also call this page, that of the pieces of junk.

nanars -
nanars -4 Lens Camera
nanars 4 Lens Camera 4 Lens Camera Winston
nanars 4 Lens Camera Winston
nanars AbeilleAll Weather 35
nanars All Weather 35Arnican
nanars Arnican Auto-Magic
nanars Auto-Magic
nanars Barbie  Charlie Tuna
nanars Charlie Tuna Chat
nanars ChatChien
nanars Chien
nanars Coca-ColaEtanche Bosch
nanars Etanche BoschFica 110 Auto-Flip
nanars Fica 110 Auto-Flip First 35 mm
nanars First 35 mm
Handy-5 (W.F.)
nanars Handy-5Ice Tea
nanars Ice TeaM and M's
nanars M and M's Magic Shot
nanars Magic Shot
Mild Seven
nanars Mild Seven Mini Style
nanars Mini StyleNutron QT 110
nanars Nutron QT 110Panda
nanars Panda
PC11 (Pierre Cardin)
nanars PC11PCMC 110 (3 Suisses)
nanars PCMC 110Renault
nanars RenaultSpiderman
nanars Spiderman
Tele 7 Jours
nanars Tele 7 JoursYoplait
nanars YoplaitZoo de Mulhouse
nanars Zoo de MulhouseZoom 2001
nanars Zoom 2001
Camera Plus
nanars Camera Plus Mini Cute (Time Life)
Circa 1980
nanars Mini CuteNestle Voiture de Donald
Circa 1980
nanars Nestle Voiture de DonaldVichy
Circa 1985
nanars Vichy
Mini 110
nanars Mini 110Marlboro
Circa 1989
nanars MarlboroBritish Airways
Circa 1990
nanars British AirwaysDragon
Circa 1990
nanars Dragon
Komax (P)
Circa 1990
nanars KomaxBarbie for girls
nanars Barbie for girlsBarbie
Circa 1995
nanars BarbieChiquita
Circa 1995
nanars Chiquita
Circa 1995
nanars SW-801Nintendo 64
nanars Nintendo 64Nintendo 64
nanars Nintendo 64-
Circa 2000
nanars -
Happy Smile
Circa 2000
nanars Happy SmileMegaview Deluxe
Circa 2000
nanars Megaview DeluxeNorton CD30BTR
Circa 2000
nanars Norton CD30BTRLilo et Stitch (Disney Store)
nanars Lilo et Stitch (Disney Store)
After 2006
Nanars Tweety