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objectifs [Carl Zeiss]

Message non lupar Jean-Pierre S » Lun 31 Déc 2018 10:35

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,
Je m'intéresse depuis peu aux reflex Contax ceux ci étant le plus souvent équipés d'objectifs Carl Zeiss T, ces derniers me conduisant à deux questions:
Ces objectifs portent l'inscription "Made in Japan", je me demande donc quel est l'intérêt de ces objectifs par rapport aux objectifs portant la marque Yashica eux aussi "Made in Japan" (peut-être made dans la même entreprise) et compte tenu qu'ils sont très chers même en occasion?
Enfin est ce que ces objectifs découleraient des objectifs Carl Zeiss Jena?
Merci pour vos lumières,
Jean-pierre S.
Jean-Pierre S
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Re: objectifs [Carl Zeiss]

Message non lupar paul hofseth » Mar 1 Jan 2019 20:47

Excusé moi pour repondre en Anglais.

A long time ago Yashica merged with Tomioka. Jn 1972 They agreed with Zeiss to cooperate on building the Contax RTS. Yashica used the same lens mount for their cameras.- Yashica was swallowed by Kyocera in 1982 and for two decades continued to make made the Contax cameras and lenses. Design rested in Germany . Quality control and manufacturing capability in Japan made it possible to move lens production to Japan.

The Zeiss optics are listed in the Zeiss prototype lists compiled by mr. Thiele, so even if produced in Japan their design does originate in Germany. With the advanced skills of Japanese designers Yashica certainly also could produce good optics, but since they were sold at a far lower price, their construction may have been more simplified.

I have frequently used the 35/2,8, 50/1,4, 60/2,8 macro and the 85/2,8 both with film on an old ST and on a digital Canon D5 ii. I find them entirely satisfactory. The 28-85 and the 100-300 are also good performers, but i found that their size meant that it was more convenient to bring one short and one longer lens and adjust image size by moving myself rather than the lens-ring.

You may be interested to know that Angenieux for a while also made lenses available with the Contax\Yashica bayonet.

paul hofseth
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Re: objectifs [Carl Zeiss]

Message non lupar paul hofseth » Ven 4 Jan 2019 15:02

On peut trouver info sur

paul hofseth
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