Le passage par cette section est désormais obligatoire avant toute demande d'identification ou d'estimation
Terry B
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Message non lu par Terry B » lun. 15 avr. 2019 13:38

Thank you for activating my account. I look forward to exploring the site and, hopefully, may be able to contribute.

Best wishes,
Terry B

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Jacques Bratieres
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Membre des Amis du Site et du Forum
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Re: Acknowledgment

Message non lu par Jacques Bratieres » lun. 15 avr. 2019 13:52

Hello Terry
You are welcom e in this forum
We take the opportunity of this first message to inform you of some habits and traditions regarding the forum.
We wish your identification name on the forum to start with your full first name. Fell free to add (or not) something else in order to avoid any duplications.
Warning, any failure of this can slow down the answers.

While creating your first message, if it is a new thread, you must give it a title. If in this title you mention the trademark of a camera or accessories, please write it in between square brackets, for example [Nikanon]. This precaution is very useful because in the pages of presentation of equipment on this site, you can find all the forum threads regarding this brand, the link between the brand of the device and messages is determined by what lies between brackets.

If in your posts, you want to include photos (essential for the identification and estimation requests), you have to upload them to the forum server and not use a link to an external hosting website. (viewtopic.php?f=70&t=2745

If you get lost in the functioning mode of this forum, please do not hesitate to ask for help. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) can be also very useful: faq.php

If you want to use the free classified ads section, please always indicate a sale price because it's not an auction. Before putting on sale, it may be helpful to ask for an estimate, sometime after obtaining an identification.

The forum is rich in topics, do not hesitate to browse them before placing your first thread. You'll find perhaps a common topic to yours, and you will see better where to file your message wisely.

You are welcom e to share our passion.

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Frédéric SEC
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Membre des Amis du Site et du Forum
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Re: Acknowledgment

Message non lu par Frédéric SEC » lun. 15 avr. 2019 18:38

Hello Terry

Welcome welcome

Dans ces pays ou le pied règne en maître, il serait bon que le mètre prit pied.
Boris Vian - Un Automne à Pékin.

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Daniel C
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Re: Acknowledgment

Message non lu par Daniel C » mer. 17 avr. 2019 13:45

Hello Terry, :Hello:
Welcome on board ! :Tchin:
Are you a vintage cameras collector, or user....or both ?
Could you tell us a bit more about your fields of interest ?
Here, (almost) nobody will bother you about taboo topics like rugby or ......Brexit
Kind regards
Tout change mais rien ne change
Lao Tseu

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jean paul henri bernard
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Membre des Amis du Site et du Forum
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Re: Acknowledgment

Message non lu par jean paul henri bernard » mer. 17 avr. 2019 14:24

Hello Terry :Hello: :Hello:
Welcome on the website of fans of small black boxes !
My best regards, Jean Paul ( JPHB )
La photographie est un art où l'artiste collabore avec le Soleil !
Alphonse de Lamartine


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