Soule Chambre Touriste
Soulé Chambre Touriste
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Chambre Soulé

Chambre Soulé
Le soufflet est à cône tournant permettant la prise de vue en mode portrait ou paysage. La planchette portant l'objectif dispose du décentrement vertical et horizontal avec blocage par boulon.

This 13 x 18 cm format tourist camera made of waxed walnut wood is not showing any identification plate similarly to the majority of the camera belonging to this category.

It is nevertheless fitted with a shutter bearing the logo of the company "Soulé" established in Bagnières de Bigorre" (south of France).

The camera is fully conforming to the description provided by the catalogue of this company.

The rear part of the baseboard is of the folding type. blocked when needed in open position by an inner sliding panel.

The rear stand forward to backward position may be modified and locked in place by means of special screw heads inserted into keyhole shaped openings.

The fine focusing is performed by means of a rack and pinion system.