Made in Allemagne from Circa 1939 to 0.
Frequency on French flea markets/yard sales: Rare
Inventory #: 3384

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Central-Photo Spécial 6 x 9Central-Photo Spécial 6 x 9
Maker (if different from the brand): Wirgin
Brand’s known addresses: 112, rue la Boëtie Paris France

Mc Keown's page: - (12ème édition)
Camera Type : Folding
Film / plate / Sheet film
Film type: 120 Maximum number of exposures:
Frame format (metric): 6 x 9 cm Frame format (imperial):
Dimension of the dual-format frames (metric): of the triple-format frames (metric):
Interchangeable back: Oui Magazine back: Non
Advance system: Molette/Clé Position de l'avancement: Sur le coté
Rewind system: Non Position du rembobinage: -
Rewind system options:
Exposure control
Meter: Non Meter location:
Metering: Metering mode:
IL/EV: Au sujet des IL/EV Nouvelle fenêtre Exposure lock:
Film speed: Au sujet des sensibilités Nouvelle fenêtre
Shutter brand: Shutter model: -
Shutter type: Shutter composition:
Shutter speeds: P, I Shutter cocking: Sans armement
Shutter release: Double exposure prevention:
Timer: Timer signal:
Timer duration:
Original lens type: Lens mount:
Lens brand: - Lens model: Achro
Mount: Diaphragme:
Optical formula: Original lenght: -
Maximum aperture: - Minimum aperture: -
Minimal focusing (metric): Minimal focusing (imperial):
Focusing mode: Fixfocus Focusing control system:
Focusing memorization:
Power alimentation
Original battery model: Original number of batteries:
Remplacement battery type: Number of replacement batteries:
Exposure counter: Regard inactinique sur le film Exposure counter reseting:
Bellow extension: non
Bellow shape: Conique Bellow color: Noir
Bellow material: Cuir Bellow corners: Coins coupés
Bellow position: Dans cadre vertical Bellow edges:
Bellow attachement: Soufflet fixe Cadre du soufflet:
Support intermédiaire du soufflet: Non
Min. extension: Max. extension:
Vertical shift: Non Horizontal shift: Non
Vertical tilt: Non Horizontal tilt: Non
Number of viewfinder: 1
Viewfinder type: Externe fixe Second viewfinder type:
Bright-frame finder: Parallaxe:
Rangefinder image shape: Rangefinder image color:
Rangefinder image type: Technique d'affichage dans le viseur:
Exposure parameters display; Exposure parameters and auto modes display:
Flash charging signal: Frame counter:
Over/under exposure signal:
Accessory shoe
Accessory shoe: Shoe location:
Shoe parallax correction pin: Hot shoe:
Number of accessory shoes:
Flash sync: Flash sync speed:
Number of connections:
Built-in flash: Non Type of built-in flash:
Flash options: Guide Number (GN):
Anti-red eye option: Anti-red-eye mode:
Dimensions and weight
Minimum dimensions (collapsed): 16 x 7,5 x 3,5 cm Weight: 500 g
Maximum dimensions (extended): cm    
Depth of field preview: Manual mirror lock-up:

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