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Cadot Dextris
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Manufactured or assembled in France from 1895 to (After) 1902.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 10112

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Chronology of cameras Cadot 

The Dextris is a detective camera available in 9 x 12 or 6.5 x 9 formats. Regardless of the format, it is possible to load the camera with 12 plates.

Made of wood, the Dextris is covered in Moroccan leather or crocodile skin.
The viewfinders are of the direct vision type. A mirror reflects the image at a right angle towards the photographer's eye. The viewfinders are protected by a cover pierced with a hole in the middle. This hole is used for eye-level framing.

The Dextris justifies its name by the fact that you can aim at a subject at a right angle, so that they do not realize they are being photographed. This possibility is often touted as an argument, but upon closer examination, it seems that there is no particular mechanism.
Detective cameras have two viewfinders, one above for vertical photos, and one on the side for horizontal photos. If you place the right side of the camera facing you, the lens is facing to your right. Simply look through the viewfinder facing you to obtain the image of what is to your right, while you are looking straight ahead. QED!


This model does not have a spirit level.

The Dextris has a unique unloading mode; while it loads conventionally from the back, it unloads from below!

Cadot Dextris

Cadot Dextris

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