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Manufactured in Suisse from 1956 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Alpa 6

Traduction de Daniel W, USA

The Swiss firm Pignons SA was founded in 1918.  It specialized in mechanical parts used in watchmaking.

As for many firms, diversification was needed to soften the movements and weaknesses of the market.  Pignons SA decided to move towards photography.

Its first camera prototypes were made un 1939 under the name Bolsey (among others).

The first Alpa reflex emerged in 1944.  One could see already the high quality that would characterize the brand.

The Alpa 6 came out in 1956 and was made until 1959.  It is a reflex with magnesium alloy body whose reflex finder is at 45º, which requires some practice to use.  A second optical viewer is located under the flash shoe and allows rapid viewing and framingThe focal plane shutter (curtain type) goes from 1 second to 1/1000th of a second and B.  Flash synchronization is at 1/60th.
There isn’t yet a winding lever; this won’t arrive until the model 6b.  But a self-timer is already present.

The bayonet mount allows many lenses to be mounted, which all must be fitted with a relay push-button mounted on a ring, in the style of the Exakta mount, in order to be able to release the shutter while stopping down to a pre-set aperture.

This camera, serial number 38772, is one of the last of the 6s, which finished at s/n 39,000.

It is shown here with a Schneider 38/2.8 Curtagon wide angle lens as well as with a 135/3.5 Schneider TeleXenar.

Alpa manufactured in Switzerland until 1976-7 and then in Japan.

Pignons SA ceased operations in 1991.

Alpa 6

Alpa 6

Alpa 6

Alpa 6