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Photos by AS text by AS. From the collection of Maison de la photo de St-Bonnet
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Manufactured in France from 1922 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 10593

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Valette et Cie Discope Colmont

Traduction de Manuel M

Colmont was a manufacturer of jumelle cameras of the end of 19th.
Discope would have been manufactured by the Company P.E. Valette, 39, Avenue de la République, Paris 11th around 1922.

This stereo-jumelle camera Discope Colmont. (N° 254) has a very fragile ebonite case growing old rather badly and very fragile
It is a simple camera, not making viewer. It uses the simple plate holders of format 6 X 13.

The lens are meniscuses without any brand and the diaphragm is a plate with three holes “1 2 3”. The guillotine shutter is graduated P 1/25 1/50 1/100.

The small collapsible Galileo viewfinder is mounted on a wedge, which allowed probably saving in Ebonite compared to a hollow which would have required to thicken the case.

Cone-shaped hole for foot, as on the Verascope.