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Chronology of the Mamiya brand  New window

Manufactured in Japon from 1967 until Circa 1975.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11285

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Mamiya 528TL

Traduction de Laurent Remacle

Mamiya/Sekor 528TL is a reflex camera with not-interchangeable lens. Contrary by a the great majority of SLR, the 528TL is with central shutter. This type of shutter is used very little on SLR because it induces important technological constraints. Indeed, to allow the aiming through the lens, the shutter must remain in open position. The film is then protected by the mirror which, in position lowered, isolates the darkroom from any penetration of light.
To release, that gives this:

  • The shutter is closed again.
  • The mirror is raised.
  • The shutter opens and is closed again the time of the catch of sight.
  • The mirror is lowered.
  • The shutter is reopened.

And all that in a split second… and managing in same time the opening and the closing of the diaphragm.
One understands better why the manufacturers privileged the shutter with curtains simpler and less fragile.

The 528TL is equipped with one 48 mms which opens with f2.8. The diaphragm is composed of two plates which are tightened in “crab grips”.
The shutter offers speeds active of the 1/15 to the 1/500 plus the pause.
The 528 TL is equipped with a CdS cell placed behind the mirror and whose needle is visible in the finder. A selector placed under the lens makes it possible to regulate the sensitivity according to film used (from 10 to 400 Iso). This cell makes it possible to use the mode A (automatic) which gives priority to the shutter speed. It is fed by a S76 battery (silver battery).
The camera can function very well without battery, the selection speeds being done using a ring placed around the lens.