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Photos by RL text by RL.France Version française

Chronology of the Wirgin brand  New window

Manufactured in Germany from 1963 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11823

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Wirgin Edixa-mat Kadett

Traduction de Pierre Yves Petit.

Cosmetically similar to the Edixa Kadett, the difference is found inside the body: the Edixa-Mat Kadett has an instant return mirror that prevents the black-out after shutter is fired, whereas with the Edixa Kadett, the user has to cock the shutter in order for the mirror to go back down. 

Other features are similar:

  • shutter release on the front plate, with a lock
  • speeds ranging to 1/30 to 1/500th plus B
  • film reminder on the rewinding knob
  • cocking lever with film counter (manual zeroing)
  • two flash synch: one for flash bulbs, the other one for electronic flash – you got to plug the flash in the right synch!

Two finders were available: a prism one (like current reflex), or a waist-level viewfinder, where the image is left/right reversed (just like TLRs). The lens mount is 42 screwmount, that offered the widest range of focal lengths, brands… Happy days!