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Chinon 35
France Version française
Photos by Eric Carlhan text by Eric Carlhan. From the collection of Eric Carlhan. Last update 2024-06-11 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1977 to (After) 1977.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 12008

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Chronology of cameras Chinon 

The Chinon 35 EE was a big success for Chinon.

It is a small rangefinder camera with a Chinonex Color 2.7/38 mm lens that delivers good results. It features a small CDS cell above the lens. Its automation offers shutter speed/aperture combinations from 1/30 to 1/650. The viewfinder is collimated with a parallax correction marker and indications for the shutter speed/aperture combination. The rangefinder image is large and well-contrasted. Rectangular in shape, it is tinted yellow.

The model appeared around 1972. The first generation can be recognized by its plate marked Chinon 35 EE, glued near the front window of the rangefinder. Cameras from this generation are either black or metallic in color. The advance lever is metallic, as is the self-timer lever.

With the release of the Chinon 35 EE-II (circa 1977), the Chinon 35 EE underwent some changes. In this second generation, the plate was removed, and the inscription Chinon 35 EE was painted directly near the rangefinder window. The top cover is no longer flat but has a small step near the shutter button, which better integrates the hot shoe. The advance lever was modified, and a plastic tip was added to make it more comfortable to use.

There is a model with the characteristics of the second generation, but with a plate glued lower than on the first generation models. This can be seen in the 1977 Sears catalog, indicating that it is a short-lived version from the beginning of the second generation.

The Chinon 35 offers the same features, except it lacks the rangefinder.


The good logic would want a Chinon 35 to be a Chinon 35 EE without the "Electric Eye," but no ... It's the rangefinder that bore the brunt of the model's simplification as well as one of the strap eyelets ... there are no small savings.

Apart from that, there are small visual modifications between the two cameras, but one still needs to be vigilant not to mix them up. The lens of the Chinon 35 is presumably composed differently from that of the Chinon 35 EE.

Chinon 35


En 1970, Chinon n'est encore qu'un sous-traitant d'autres marques d'appareils photo.
C'est seulement vers 1972, que sont commercialisés les premiers appareils sous la marque Chinon. Il est alors facile de suivre une logique de nommage pour les premiers modèles :

EE = Electronic Eye
F = Flash
A = Autofocus
M = Motor

    Années Mise au point Flash Moteur DX

35 EE 1972 Télémétrique Non Non Non
c. 1977 Manuel
35 EE-II c. 1977 Télémétrique
35 F-EE 1978 Manuel Oui
35 F-A 1978 Autofocus
35 F-M 1980 Manuel Oui
35 F-MA intrafocus 1980 Autofocus
35 F 1982 Manuel Non
35 FS 1982 Manuel
35 F-II 1984 Fixfocus
35 FS-II   1984 Fixfocus Oui
35 FS-A   1984 Autofocus
35 FA Super 1985 Autofocus Oui Non
35 FA II 1985 Autofocus  

Avec le 35 FX III, Chinon atteint les limites de sa logique de nommage. Bien que s’appelant 34, ce modèle n'a plus rien à voir avec ses prédecesseurs.

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