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Kiev 19
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Manufactured or assembled in Former USSR from (Circa) 1985 to (Circa) 1990.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 12429

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Chronology of cameras Kiev 

This heavy and solid reflex is reminiscent of the Ricoh Singlex, but more surprising is the lens mount of the Nikon AI type ... This curious assembly may explain the rarity of this model on the European market.

The quality of materials and assembly are correct, only the operating noises would merit more sweetness. However, a good point can be attributed to the viewfinder that provides a clear and comfortable image.

The vertical motion type shutter allows speeds from half of a second to 1/500 and bulb; the selection is made by rotating the knob on the front. For the selection of the sensitivity, we use the wheel located below the rewind crank.
Flash synchronization is possible by the unique contact of the accessory shoe or by the connection located on the cover of the prism.

Even without documentation, getting started is fast, since it is understood that the exposure setting is done by pressing the button normally used for the closing of the diaphragm. In addition to the actual control of the depth of field, the operation causes the actuation of the diodes of the viewfinder: one at the top, marked "+", the other at the bottom, marked "-". The perfect combination of shutter speed / aperture corresponds to the simultaneous illumination of these two diodes.
The light measuring system requires a 3.0-volt battery which is housed in the base of the body. It can be replaced without problems by two button batteries of 1.5 volt type LR44.

This camera is shown here with a 50 mm lens  the multi-coating of which gives beautiful green hues to the front lens.

Kiev 19
Boîtier n°9008855

Kiev 19