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Manufactured in ex-URSS from 1950 until 1955.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 12465

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Kiev II

After the transport in 1945 of what remained of the Zeiss Ikon Dresden factory: molds, tools, workers, spare parts etc. .. in Kiev, Ukraine, the early Kiev were only Contax locally assembled with the help of a personal not always voluntary.
Some stamped parts, such as front faces, barely conceal their origin. The name Contax sometimes remains visible on the rear face of the part.

It was not before 1950 that a 100% local camera was released, even though technically it is identical to the Contax.

This one dates from 1951, completely built in Kiev, without original Zeiss Ikon parts but practically conform copy of a Contax II, with a Jupiter 8 of the same year, a copy of the Sonnar 2/50.
For the record, this Kiev II was restored in 2006 using Contax original parts (axis and main spring of the shutter).