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Manufactured in Allemagne from prior to 1921 until after 1927.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 1505

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Contessa-Nettel Piccolette

Traduction de Manuel M

At the time of Contessa Nettel, therefore before the takeover by Zeiss Ikon in 1926, the Piccolette was decline with quantity of lenses (meniscus, Hermagis, Olor-Berthiot, Roussel Stylor, Zeiss Sonar, Triotar and Tessar) and of shutters (Agc Acro, Derval, Compur Dial Set).
This model is equipped with a Zeiss Tessar lens open to f: 4.5 and with Compur Dial Set shutter offering the B, T and the second to the 1/300 speeds. Focusing is possible by turning the lens.

The camera has a sport viewfinder whose metal framework retracts itself in the front face, and another mirror viewfinder located behind this one.

The release lever is also located behind the front face. A cable release can be screwed on it.

Another variant of Piccolette was produced under the name of Piccolette Luxus, which had leather and bellow in brown color, and trimmings silver plated. However it moves away from the spirit “Vest Pocket” of standard Piccolette since the opening of the camera is done by failover of a flap on hinge, and not by pulling of a front plate set on scissors. (Klapp).

This little camera is very attractive.

Contessa-Nettel Piccolette