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Goldy Goldy
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Photos by Sylvain Halgand text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of Sylvain Halgand. Last update 2022-09-06 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in France from (After) 1948 to (Before) 1960.
Index of rarity in France: Very usual (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 176

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Chronology of cameras Goldy 

GlodyOn April 10, 1947, the Etablissements Goldy (sarl), 21, 23 rue de l'Aqueduc in Paris registered the Goldy brand.

This will be the start of a short-lived success story.

The cameras manufactured by Goldy are of two forms, that of a box with sharp edges and a second one with part of the edges rounded.

Glody Metabx


PubRectangular shape

If the manufacture is mainly cardboard, there are some models in metal. The models of this form exist in black or in colour. Various names have been used, the most common being Goldy.

A 1948 advertisement announces that the manufacture of color cameras (Bordeaux, Red, White, Havana, Green, Blue) is limited by the scarcity of raw materials, yet these are sold at the same price as black ones.

Following to a consultation of the community of collectors, we have identified more than a hundred copies, of which it is possible to highlight the differences.

The handle can be cardboard (very fragile) or plastic. It can be in line with the body or at an angle.

Some copies have a built-in yellow filter, improving black and white results. The filter can be retracted. There are two finders, allowing vertical or horizontal sighting. The surface of the finders can be flat or curved.

A decorative plate, either round or diamond-shaped, surrounds the lens. Round plates can be metal or simply paper. Some models have the entire front side covered with decorative paper. This case only seems to concern small production versions, which seems logical as the printing is cheaper for a limited quantity than a screen print on metal.

Round, metal front
Round, paper front
Diamond front face, metal


Some models have a small metal plate around the control knobs, which sometimes constitutes a real user manual for the camera.



The film advance button is basically shaped like a key. Copies, probably late, have a round metal button.
The front is sometimes decorated with figures embossed into the cardboard. The name Goldy is not always present on the cardboard.

DiaphThe cardboard Goldy has all three controls: Yellow Filter, Diaphragm, and B (bulb exp.).
Cardboard Week End and Touring sometimes have all the controls, sometimes only the B.
Camping, Rallye, Kid-Box, Sporting, Riviera and Week End in metal only have the B.

GoldyThe Goldy has been sold in Anglo-Saxon countries.

In 1951, a new model, entirely in stainless alloy, was launched. It takes up the design and characteristics of the Goldy. Futhermore, it offers the synchronization of the shutter with a flash. Its first name is Goldy Flash, but soon it becomes the Monococ (probably to highlight its difference from the cardboard Goldy)

Round Shape

Cameras of this type are made of metal. If we are to believe the number of specimens encountered, this form was less successful than the other.

The first model is the Fotobox (with a folding viewfinder), sometimes presented with the name Metabox in some ads (1949).




In 1950, it was replaced by a new model, called Metabox, and announced as correcting the problems of the Fotobox. The viewfinder is now streamlined. Film advance and shutter cocking are combined.

However, the Metabox did not replace the Goldy. The price difference between the two models (Metabox 2250 francs Goldy 1485 francs, in 1953) probably explains why the Goldy is much more common than the metal version.

Publicité 1953




The Goldy box have also been used as promotional items or sold under third-party brands.


This specimen is red

Goldy Goldy

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