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Manufactured in Germany from 1932 until (After) 1934.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 1916

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Rodenstock Clarovid

Traduction de MM.

More known for its objectives of enlarger and large sizes, Rodenstock is less for its cameras.

Produced in 1933, The Clarovid is a bi-format 6x9/4,5x6 thanks to a removable intern mask and two reference marks in the  viewfinder. It has a coupled rangefinder. Construction is very solid.

For this camera, Rodenstock was obviously supplied at Welta: the case is identical to that of  the Welta Solida (and to a lesser extent of the Welta Trio). The scissors and the shape and decoration of the fork lens-holder are also the same. Just like the focusing system by serrated roller, except for the reference marks of distances, whose cursor moves on a right scale (curve for Welta).

The shutter, a 1/250 second Compur, is the same one, like the release lever.

But the objective is a Rodenstock Ysar 3,9/105 mm (Tessar formula)
The Clarovid could also be equipped with another lens of the brand, the Trinar (a triplet anastigmat).

This model was followed by the Clarovid II, whose rangefinder and viewfinder are included in one only hull, more massive and less elegant than the first model (in my opinion).