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Manufactured in France from 0 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 1931

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Gilles-Faller Chambre 13 x 18

This 13 x 18 format Gilles Faller camera is one of the last manufactured by the French company.
The main material is still wood, but thick metal parts are providing a remarkable rigidity , compared to another , also a 13 x 18 format , presented on the site, and the wooden pieces are thicker , which considerably increases the overall weight : 8.7 Kg with a back and the lens !
The back is the same as that of previous Gilles Faller cameras with double frame and hinged wooden shutter.
The lens , a Boyer Saphir Color 210 mm f4.5, is here mounted on a Deckel Compound shutter providing speed from 1s to 1/50 and T and B exposures ; the lens plate is identical to that of the cameras of the same format of the brand.
Pivoting, rise and fall and lateral shifts in all positions are possible, front and rear .

 Although its features make it useable as more modern cameras, this Gilles Faller is penalized by its excessive weight which does not facilitate transportation. But it is a beautiful equipment for shooting in a studio.

Gilles-Faller Chambre 13 x 18