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Manufactured in Germany from 1914 until 1926.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 1971

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Ica Maximar

Traduction de Manuel M

This folding view camera with double extension is identified rather easily as being of Ica brand, because inside the body hides hardly a small round plate. On this one is the famous five branch star, emblem of Ica.

The Maximar is very close to the Hekla 168. Both appear side-by-side in the catalogues, but the Maximar has a greater longevity, because it is founded under the same name in the range of Zeiss Ikon. The price difference between the two cameras with identical lenses is negligible.

The lenses which one can find on this camera (not-exhaustive) are:

Ica Extrarapid Aplanat opening to 8
Ica “Novar” Anastigmat opening to 6.8
Ica Double anastigmat Hekla to 6.8
Ica Double anastigmat Maximar to 6.8
Zeiss Tessar to 6.3
Zeiss Amatar to 6.8

It is seen that confusion can quickly arrive between Hekla and Maximar if one bases oneself only on the name of the lenses. Maximar is with double extension, i.e. that the bellows is mounted on a rail, which itself is mounted on another rail. That makes it possible to increase the focal distance considerably. In the case of Hekla, it is a camera with simple extension.

The version Zeiss Ikon is more widespread than the Ica version.