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Photos by JPHB text by JPHB. From the collection of JPHB
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Chronology of the Rollei brand  New window

Manufactured in Allemagne from 1966 until after 1975.
Index of rarity in France : Peu courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2055

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Rollei Rolleicord Vb

Traduction de Manuel M

Reference factory: K3Fa Vb
This camera is recognizable with marking ROLLEI-WERKE in arc of a circle which is under the taking lens and to the position of the serial number.
Its taking lens is a Heidosmat f3,2 /75 mm.
The focusing is done while advancing the plate it which support the two lenses. A magnifying glass in the cap makes it possible a very precise focusing on the glass ground.
The “Cord” of the Vb series can receive a prism viewfinder like Rolleiflex of the series 3.5 E2, 3,5E3 T1, T2 etc…