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Mollier Cent vues
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Photos by JFL text by JFL. From the collection of JFL. Last update 2014-03-06 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in France from 1910 to (Circa) 1933.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 20701

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Chronology of cameras Mollier 
History of the brand Mollier New window

Traduction de Daniel C.

The name of this camera "Cent Vues" (which means one hundred pictures in French) comes from the maximum number of 18x24 mm pictures (with a 20 mm step) that may be taken using a 2 meters long 35 mm rollfilm contained in the cartridges of the camera.

But the Cent Vues could also be used for positives projection. for enlarging and (as per description in the user's manual) as an instrument allowing for contact type positive to negative inversion.

The rear of the camera shows a window normally closed by a sliding plate that could be removed and replaced by an optical accessory containing a low voltage filament lamp. The film pressing guide must then be replaced by a diffusion screen. The camera, in this configuration could be used as a projector of the positive images of the 35 mm film.

The manufacturer also proposed a supporting frame  to convert the camera into an enlarger or a system for copying positive documents or a projector.

The item shown on this page should be a model dated 1927. It is entirely made of metal with a mat  front surface. It is fitted with a Galileo type viewfinder and with an helical mount lens Lynx Hermagis f 40 mm. The camera bears the number 698 (ou 869 ?) engraved near the tripod threaded socket.

It weighs about 650 grams  and shows small dimensions (13 x 5,5 x 7 cm). The indicator showing the number of taken pictures  goes up to 99!

In August 1927 its price was 950 FF, the leather bag 60 FF, The film cartridges 27,50 FF per unit and the projectors lamp package 126FF.

You had to pay 11 FF for one film processing and 10 FF for copying a positive.

Mollier Cent vues

Mollier Cent vues

Mollier Cent vues