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Photos by GP text by GP et Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of GP
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Manufactured in Japon from 1962 until (After) 1965.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 20731

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Nikon Nikkorex F

The Nikkorex series is the low-end of the Nikon series. Some of them were not manufactured by Nikon, but were subcontracted to Mamiya. This is the case of the Nikkorex F.
The Nikkorex are generally fixed lens devices, without prism, without fast return mirror etc.
This Nikkorex F is therefore in the chain of evolution, the missing link between the Nikkorex and the usual Nikon. Indeed, it was manufactured by Mamiya, its general line is sweeter than that of the angular SLR, but it benefits from the bayonet F (hence its name) and a prism.
Having this bayonet allows it to be associated with all the interchangeable lenses of the brand.
It is nevertheless strange to have a frontal accessory shoe, which dedicates it to the exclusive use of the Nikkorex selenium meter that couples with the speed selector and the fork of the lens, to make this model semi-automatic.
The prism is fixed. This model takes advantage of a technical advance which is the shutter with metal lamellas and vertical scroll, developed by Copal.
There were several variations
• no film memo, square timer, lower rewind, micro-prism glass
• LN finish (approximately 150 copies sold to the Swedish State)
• marking "Nikkor J" (1963 - 1965, sale in the Federal Republic of Germany)
• marking "Ricoh Singlex" (1964-1966)
• marking "Sears SL II" (US distributor)