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Kodak Advantix T700 Zoom favori envoyer Print
Photos by JM text by JM. From the collection of JM
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Chronology of the Kodak brand  New window

Manufactured in Chine from 2000 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Frequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2315

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Kodak Advantix T700 Zoom

The T700 is made of silver colour plastic, with the grip made of  greenish soft material and a green-gold area around the lens. Smaller than the C750, it must be held on the finger tips. As aforementioned, it meets the IX240 specifications. It uses the  3 CHP formats through masking. The film can be removed during exposure (all APS devices will not allow it).
The T700 is weatherproof.
Like the C750, the functioning of the T700 is started by lifting the transparent flap serving also as a lens cover. But smart feature, this cover has a third function: it includes a flash unit, admittedly tiny, but which is placed on a so small camera a good eight centimeters above the lens (the camera, when closed, is 6.3 cm high). The unused camera, even with the flap open, switches off after 2 minutes 30 to save on the battery.

Considering the lens, a Kodak Ektanar, we simply know it is composed of glass elements. the zoom (2x) begins as a wide angle (equivalent to approx. 32mm).
The flash can be automatic, switched off or used forced against backlighting.
Burst shooting mode.
Program also allows the focusing to be forced to infinity; a portrait mode that provides automation of the zoom for a single shot; a night mode; and a spot measurement of the distance.
Finally a PQix -Print Quality Improvement- which optimizes the pictures processing by enhancing skin tones that seem more natural even under artificial lighting (as per the official presentation of March 2000).
For the rest, it is mainly by details that both cameras C750 and T700 may be differentiated. e.g T700 presented here has a quick, active focusing system with single reading on 190 zones, while the C750 has a passive focusing system with triple reading on 140 zones. The T700 has received an Ektanar with glass elements, while the C750 is equipped with a lens with an aspherical element, but without name.