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Kodak Pocket Model 95
France Version française
Photos by MM text by MM. From the collection of MM. Last update 2017-04-30 par Eric Borel.

Manufactured or assembled in USA from 1895 to 1896.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2374

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Chronology of cameras Kodak 
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This box is the model former to this one which dates of 1896. It is of 1895 and is the first of Pocket Kodak.

The chronology of Pocket is the following one (Kodak source):

Model manufactured    from/to

Pocket KODAK Model Camera 95 (model presented)  1895-1896

Pocket KODAK Model Camera 96  1896-1897

Pocket KODAK Camera Model 97  1897-1898

Pocket KODAK Model Camera 98  1898-1899

Pocket KODAK Model Camera 99  1899-1900

Pocket KODAK Camera Model D  1900-1901

At the bottom of the apparatus the text is printed: 



Made by the


RochesterN.Y., USA


MAY5, 1885.  AUGUST 6, 1889.

Other patents applied for.


115 Oxfort Street, London

4 Place Vendôme, Paris

The patent of May 5th, 1885(n° 317049) corresponds to the roller mechanism of transport of film (WH WALKER & G EASTMAN) and that of August 6th, 1889(n° 408596), to the box Kodak n°1 using films.

The camera is covered with granulous brown leather. A rarer model with smoother red leather and striated surface, exists too.

The shutter is mounted up on a little plate out of wood which can be left of the camera.

Compared to its successors it is simpler and easily recognizable with its round viewfinder instead of square, its sectors shutter instead of rotary and the absence of adjustment of diaphragm.

The model 96' has a pull knob to change from instantaneous to pose, but this one does not have any. However is it impossible to make the pose? Hey not, but that requires a little dexterity:

For the instantaneous, one arms while pulling out laterally and fully the shutter release. A hook is placed then in the notch located roughly in the middle of the circumference of the metal sector. One presses then on the shutter release for the exposure.

For the pose, one cocks while pulling out only at the halfway the shutter release. This time it is in the notch of left that the hook is placed. Thus, the hole of the metal sector is opposite to the hole of the small plank. It is enough to release to activate the unit.

Animation below shows 3 positions: cocked/pose/at rests.

It will be simpler the following year…



Kodak Pocket Model 95

Kodak Pocket Model 95

Kodak Pocket Model 95

Kodak Pocket Model 95