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Canon EOS 600
France Version française
Photos by Sylvain Halgand text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of Sylvain Halgand. Last update 2024-07-11 par Jacques Bratieres.

Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1989 to (After) 1992.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2391

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Chronology of cameras Canon 

The EOS system (Electro-Optical System) represents a complete departure from previous Canon cameras, as everything changes, especially due to the lack of compatibility with FD lenses.

EOS cameras feature sophisticated electronics and excellent autofocus, made possible by the new range of EF lenses with integrated motors (USM). The coupling between the camera body and the lens is now purely electrical. Gone is the small cam that protruded from the rear of FD lenses.

The overall design is new, although it retains some small reminiscences of the T90, designed by Colani.

  Europe and Asia   Year American name   Japonese name  

  EOS 650 1987 EOS 650 EOS 650
  EOS 650 QD EOS 650 QD   EOS 650 QD  
  EOS 620 EOS 620 EOS 620
  EOS 750 1988 EOS 750 QD   EOS 750 QD  
  EOS 750 QD    
  EOS 850 EOS 850 EOS 850
EOS850 QD 1989 EOS850 QD    EOS850 QD   
  EOS 600 EOS 630   EOS630 QD  
        EOS-1 HS  
  EOS-1 EOS-1 EOS-1
  EOS 10 1990 EOS 10 S   EOS 10 QD  
  EOS 700 EOS 700 EOS 700 QD  
  EOS 1000 EOS Rebel   EOS 1000 QD
EOS1000 QD-P
  EOS 1000F EOS Rebel S  
EOS 1000F QD  
1991   EOS 10 Commemorative Kit
  EOS 100 EOS Elan EOS 100 QD
EOS 100 panorama
  EOS 1000FN 1992 EOS Rebel S II   EOS 1000 S QD
EOS 1000 S QD-P
  EOS 1000 FN QD EOS Rebel S II QD  
  EOS 1000N EOS Rebel II  
  EOS 5 EOS A2 EOS 5 QD  
  EOS A2E  
  EOS 500 1993 EOS Rebel XS   EOS Kiss  
  EOS Rebel X
  EOS-1N 1994 EOS-1N EOS-1N
  EOS 5000 1995
  EOS 888
  EOS 50 EOS Elan II   EOS 55  
  EOS 50E EOS Elan IIE    
  EOS 50E EOS Elan IIE    
  EOS 500N 1996 EOS REBEL G   New EOS Kiss  
  EOS 500N EOS REBEL G   New EOS Kiss  
  EOS 3 1998 EOS 3 EOS 3
  EOS 88 1999   EOS 3000
  EOS 3000
  EOS 300 EOS REBEL 2000   EOS Kiss III  
  EOS 300 QD EOS REBEL 2000 QD  
  EOS-1V 2000 EOS-1V EOS-1V

EOS 7  
EOS 33
2001   EOS Kiss III L  
  EOS 66 (Date) 2002 EOS Rebel XS N DATE  
  EOS 3000N (Date)
  EOS 300V EOS Rebel Ti   EOS Kiss 5  
  EOS 3000V 2003 EOS Rebel K2   EOS Kiss Lite  
  EOS 30V (Date) 2004 EOS ELAN 7NE (DATE)   EOS 7s  
  EOS 33V (Date) EOS ELAN 7N  
  EOS 300X EOS REBEL T2   EOS Kiss 7  

The name EOS has been retained to designate the digital SLR cameras of the brand.


The Canon EOS 600 was introduced between the 1988 Photokina and the 1989 PMA held in Dallas. When it hit the market, several EOS models were already available: 620, 650, 750, and 850. The 650 (March 1987) and 620 (May 1987) were already two years old, and the 600, with its technical features, more or less rendered them obsolete.

The 600 has a distinctive feature, innovative for Canon but already known in Minolta's 7000i. It offers the ability to choose between 7 programs:

1. Basic program
2. Snapshots: high speeds
3. Landscapes: depth of field
4. Sports: predictive AF servo, high speeds, burst mode, multi-zone metering
5. Portraits: depth of field, burst mode, multi-zone metering
6. Macros: depth of field, selective metering
7. Indoors with or without flash: One Shot, TTL Flash, or slow speed

Unlike the Minolta system, these programs are installed in the camera's memory and cannot be updated. The selection is made on the LCD screen (which lights up in a very nice blue), but by the program number, making it essential to have the manual handy.

The EOS 600 also benefits from customization functions (the adjustment buttons are located behind a small flap on the rear of the base):

1. Automatic or manual rewind initiation
2. Rewind with the leader in or out
3. Sensitivity set by DX or manually
4. Autofocus adjustment by shutter button or separate button
5. Control by the command dial for shutter speed and/or aperture
6. Beeps or no beeps
7. Instant switch to manual focus for USM lenses

Like its predecessors, the 600 has a DEP mode that automatically adjusts the depth of field based on the subject. However, the processor has been improved; it is faster and allows for predictive autofocus.

Despite appearances due to differences in color and shape, the base is not separate from the rest of the body. Only the grip can be unscrewed to insert the battery into the base.

Canon EOS 600

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