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Ricoh Ricohflex Diamond
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Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1955 to (After) 1955.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2598

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The Ricohflex Diamond sometimes called Diamond Original in the literature, opens in 1955 the series of Riken's Diamond.
This is the first Ricohflex 6x6 TLR with casted and machined alluminium's alloy frame.
It also introduces the "Duo Lever" which will be common to the whole series and some other Ricoh's TLR
It is a double lever actuating the focusing from each side of the unit.
This transition model is still using the "autostop" film advance external mechanism previously available as an option on the Ricohflex VII and following pressed steel TLRs.
There is no protection against double exposures.
The unit has a timer, a flash sync socket with M and X settings, a magnifying glass to assist the development and a sports viewfinder.
The accessory shoe side has no contact sync.
The viewing and taking optics are both 3 lenses 80mm f1: 3.5 and the Citizen MXV shutter rises to 1 / 400 th of a second.

The Ricohflex Diamonds are also called Dia or Diacord

Ricoh Ricohflex Diamond

Ricoh Ricohflex Diamond