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Photos by Sylvain Halgand text by EB. From the collection of Eric Borel
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Manufactured in Germany from 1926 until 1929.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2723

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Zeiss Ikon Bobette I

Traduction de Manuel M

Bobette… Curious name for a German camera. Any connection  with the Belgian cartoon of Dutch language “Bob and Bobette” of Willy Vandersteen!

This small klapp was first built by Ernemann in 1925, then the production continued until the Thirties by Zeiss Ikon.

Bob is a name of model very much used by Ernemann since 1900. This name was used by Zeiss Ikon only for Bob 510/2 (and 510), cheap clones of Nettar 515/2 (and 515) and Bob IV and V (to undoubtedly eliminate the overstocks of Ernemann?), but I never saw some with a marking Zeiss Ikon.

In short, let us speak about our Bobette: several versions of Bobette 1 exist… The first version was built by Ernemann, Bobette 1 of format 18 x 24 mm. Then in 1926, one of format 22 x 33 mm. These two versions will be continued by Zeiss Ikon… If you seek in the catalogues links, you will see it on the Omnium catalogue 1928 on page 16… Our Bobette 1, was built by Zeiss Ikon in 1929 with a new format, 22 x 31mm, a big external viewfinder, a new foot…

One can notice resemblances to the Ernemann Rolf 1 (although it is about a folding camera), the body has the same structure, the same system of opening…

There exists an “up-market” model, the Bobette II, but this time this is a folding camera.

This model has a serial number O 17455, O indicates a production in 1928.

It is an original small camera and of beautiful quality.