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Manufactured in Hong-Kong from Circa 1960 until 0.
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Inventory number: 2756

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Haking Halina A1

This variation of the Halina AI differs from the basic model by a focusing hood including a reversed Galileo viewfinder.
Curiously this viewfinder has an additional frame on the front lens which the manual gives for 35 mm framing.
But this framework is in landscape orientation which would be incompatible with a possible option for 35mm film whose orientation is portrait .
It is possible that the camera has been designed to be able to provide 24 x 36mm images on 120 film.
This would explain the presence of the second red window located 32 mm from the first on the back of the unit as well as the slide plate on the film loading cassette that can be used to insert a mask to the 24 x 36 format in front of the film, this system for exposing two 24 mm views by view number on the 6 x 6 film.
However, the manual says nothing regarding this matter.