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Manufactured in France from (Circa) 1899 until () 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Carpentier Jumelle

Jumelle were the only camera model designed and built by Jules Carpentier, buyer of Ruhmkorff workshops specialized in scientific equipment . We can regret it because this camera was a great technical originality at the time, with a praiseworthy quality.

Jules Carpentier was the first to build cameras from strictly controlled and interchangeable parts . This jumelle (non-stereo ) is part of the top of the range.

It has a famous lens, a Quatryl Krauss , opening at 4.5 (No. 162699 ) and a focus system driven by a large central wheel driving two helicals concentric with the lenses . The distance scale goes up to one meter, but the focusing itself goes down below. The plate storage accepts 18 plates in their frame or 50 film sheet, and the counter is scaled accordingly.

The originality of this specimen (No. 7862-16 ) comes from its regulator for the slow speeds . Instead of the conventional pneumatic system, it is a friction device , adjustable by using a graduated dial o acting on an ivory bevelled blade . This regulator is rocking for the use of fast speed. This variation does not appear to have been marketed , and the problem arises to know if it was an original installation or subsequent adaptation. What we can say is that this is not a hack , but a realization of precision.

Carpentier Jumelle

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