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Agfa Agfa-Jean
France Version française
Photos by Sylvain Halgand text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of Sylvain Halgand. Last update 2023-05-10 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in Spain from (Before) 1977 to (After) 1977.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 4309

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Chronology of cameras Agfa 

While the resemblance to the Agfamatic 126 is evident, this model hides some oddities. It is not a 126, but a camera that uses Rapid cartridges.

Its dating also poses a problem. McKeown dates it from around 1984, but in the cardboard box I have, an unused Rapid film has an expiration date of 1976 or 1978, with the last digit being illegible. Inside the box is a manual in the form of a goose game, with graphics typical of the early 1970s, featuring a Volkswagen Beetle. The joy displayed by the characters is out of step with the Franco regime and could be explained by the arrival of Juan Carlos in 1975.

Obviously, this model is typically Spanish, manufactured in Barcelona by Certex.

The document also mentions a denim bag (hence its name), stamped with Agfa, which seems difficult to find currently.

Agfa Agfa-Jean

Agfa Agfa-Jean
The denim bag is shown in the instructions.
Agfa Agfa-Jean
The camera is accompanied by playful instructions, as they are in the form of a maze. The graphics are very typical of the 1970s. The illustrations were done by Ferran Sostres
Agfa Agfa-Jean


By launching the Rapid system, Agfa updates the Karat system. Rapid is a 35mm film in a cartridge without a central axis. The film is only driven by the teeth of a capstan that engage with the perforations in the film. This system releases the film from the supply cartridge and pushes it into the receiving cartridge. There is no need to rewind the film at the end of the roll as the two cartridges are identical. On the cartridges, there is a small metal pin of different lengths depending on the sensitivity of the film. This is interpreted by certain camera models to transmit the value of the sensitivity to the light meter. If one reads the article carefully, it becomes apparent that Kodak is not among the brands mentioned; the American company has just launched the 126 cartridge, and all of this seems like an anti-Kodak front.


Presentation of the Rapid system, in 1964:

During a press conference held on May 6 in Frankfurt am Main, representatives of the following European photographic firms: ADOX, AGFA, BALDA, BILORA, BRAUN, DACORA, FERRANIA, GEVAERT, ILFORD, PERUTZ, REGULA. ROLLEI, VOIGTLANDER, and ZEISS IKON unveiled to the European professional press delegates a new loading system for cameras called the RAPID SYSTEM.

This RAPID designation characterizes a new system for instantaneous film loading that allows for simpler, safer, and faster photography thanks to the following advantages: simple film placement, automatic film loading, automatic sensitivity adjustment of the film for cameras with automatic exposure control (from 15 to 27 DIN), no rewinding required, the camera is quickly ready to use, fast film changes, and exceptional sharpness thanks to a press frame ensuring perfect film flatness. A single film length is provided, which allows for: 12 exposures in 24 x 36, 16 exposures in 24 x 24, and 24 exposures in 18 X 24.

At the time this magazine issue is released, the sensitive surfaces, as well as cameras adapted to the RAPID SYSTEM, will be officially launched to the public.

Let's now look, in alphabetical order, at the firms that are now able to supply the new RAPID chargers to the photographic market:

ADOX. - Adox's program regarding sensitive surfaces using this RAPID SYSTEM includes: Adox KB 17 RAPID and KB 21 RAPID in 12 frames 24 X 36, 16 frames 24 x 24, or 24 frames 18 X 24. These emulsions have the same qualities as the already well-known 35mm films.

AGFA. - The range of sensitive surfaces is as follows: Agfa Isopan Rapid 17 DIN. The film for brilliant black and white photos when the light is favorable. - Agfa Isopan ISS Rapid 21 DIN. The film for black and white photography when the light is unfavorable. - Agfacolor CN 17 Rapid. The universal film for black and white and color photography. - Agfacolor CT 18 Rapid. The film for bright color slides and CT prints.

FERRANIA. - The Italian firm has planned: the P 30 RAPID black and white emulsion and two color emulsions: Ferrania negative Rapid N 27, Ferrania reversible DIA 28 of 50 ASA.

GEVAERT - Starting July 1st, the Belgian company Gevaert will present four types of films on the market: Two in black and white, Gevapan 27 Rapid and Gevapan 30 Rapid, and two in color, the negative Gevacolor N 5 Rapid and the reversible Gevacolor R 5 Rapid.

ILFORD - The English company Ilford has planned black and color emulsions with the RAPID SYSTEM.

PERUTZ - Perutz will provide three types of films: Two black emulsions, Perutz 17 Rapid and Perutz 17-21 Rapid, and the reversible emulsion Perutz Color Rapid C. 18.

As we have just done for the sensitive surfaces, we present the cameras that will be equipped with the RAPID SYSTEM:

ADOX - Since 1965, Adox has planned a program of cameras equipped with the RAPID SYSTEM.

AGFA - Agfa, which played an important role in the development of this new system, can now present three Rapid cameras: Agfa Iso-Rapid I 24 x 24: A small and elegant pocket camera, a real small format, which makes photography accessible to everyone. Simple, safe, fast, and convenient. Put the Rapid cartridge in place, the film engages itself, shoot, no rewinding. 16 shots 24 x 24 mm. Large clear viewfinder. Rapid dial for instant film advance, exposure counter, flash contact. - Agfa Iso-Rapid IF 24 X 24: As compact and easy to handle as the Iso-Rapid I, but with an integrated flash (with instant battery charging). - Agfa Silette-Rapid 24 x 36: The small format camera distributed in millions of copies around the world.

DACORA - The Reutlingen company will be able to deliver two models equipped with the RAPID SYSTEM as of July 1st: the D101 Rapid camera and the D202 Rapid camera. The D101 Rapid camera, with the classic 24 x 36 format, is a fixed-focus camera equipped with a flash socket and capable of taking 12 images 24 x 36. - The D202 Rapid camera is equipped with an anastigmat lens and a focusing system marked with three symbols. It can take 12 photographs of 24 x 36 format.

FERRANIA - Plans to introduce two camera models equipped with the RAPID SYSTEM in 1965: the Lince Rapid and the Eura Rapid.

ILFORD - Has developed a camera equipped with the RAPID SYSTEM, the Sportina Rapid.

REGULA - The new Regula SL will have its capabilities increased because this camera is equipped with the new system. Here is its technical specification: functional combination - speed: 1/30° sec. aperture - f/2.8 to 1/250° sec. aperture - f/16 setting by single ring and superposition of subject and lighting symbols - setting provided for films with sensitivity from 1 to 25 DIN.

The adoption of a rapid loading system for cameras by major European companies can only have a positive influence on the development of photography and bring new enthusiasts to discover all its joys.

Let us add that in addition to the companies we have listed above, ten Japanese manufacturers such as FUJI, KONISHIROKU, MAMIYA, MINOLTA, NIPPON, OLYMPUS, PETRI, RICOH, YASHICA have also decided to adopt the RAPID SYSTEM in the near future.

Contacts have also been made with manufacturers from across the Atlantic.

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