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Photos by EC text by EC. From the collection of Eric Carlhan
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Manufactured in Thaïlande from 1996 until (After) 1996.
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Inventory number: 4886

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Nikon Nuvis 125i

A test of this compact APS was printed in the January 1997 issue of "Chasseur d'Images".

In summary:
“The Nikon Nuvis 125i is a compact camera, complete but commonplace". The tester is lacking in enthusiasm from the outset. He tries to be positive later, but is clearly uneasy. He says that the grip is good, but immediately he has to say that the slippery coating is very unpleasant. (quite true!).
The viewfinder, of an "appalling" type, is also subject to his criticism. One feels more like a voyeur peeping through a key hole than a photographer trying to compose his/her picture.

 As for the zoom lens, its shortest focal length is still a bit long for indoor use. At 100 mm its aperture is too limited to be able to work fast enough to avoid blurred pictures due to the camera shaking.

 Finally, I wish to share with you the conclusion of this article:

 "In short: the Nikon Nuvis 125i makes good quality photos. That being said, a tiny viewfinder, a short zoom range, a small aperture at telephoto, a non-focusable flash and the absence of all-weather treatment make a very long list to consider and digest."

I have read more enthusiastic comments!