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Porst Zoompocket 200
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Manufactured or assembled in Japan from (Circa) 1980 to (Circa) 1980.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 5189

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This 110 camera is equipped with a 25-42mm zoom lens, which is quite rare for this format. The introduction of the cartridge sets the shutter speed to 1/125 or 1/250 depending on the film sensitivity (100 or 400 ASA).
It is indeed a zoom lens, not a bifocal one. For this, the optical formula is complex: 7 lenses in 6 groups. The lenses are multi-coated. The change in focal length is done by moving the lever located at the base of the lens. On the lens, a scale engraved in meters and feet and featuring three marks (portrait, group, and landscape) allows for distance adjustment. The collimated viewfinder is coupled to the zoom.
A slider on the top of the camera sets the aperture. There is a double scale. The first consists of weather pictograms (sunny, cloudy, or overcast), the second is metric. They correspond to apertures from f/16 to f/5.6. The distances are those of the flash range, depending on the selected aperture. At one end, there is a hot shoe with a flash contact.
This camera was presented by Petri at the 1978 Photokina, along with the Petri EF 110. The manufacturer is not identified.
It is also found under other brands, mainly from distributors:

    in catalogs

Petri Zoom 110 2S
Coronet Box à plaque La Redoute 1979
Zenix Zoom-TS
Coronet Box N°2 Trademark registered in 1980
Porst Zoompocket 200
Coronet Porst 1980
Keystone Zoom 66 Coronet  
Carena Zoomex Pocket   Ringfoto 1981

There is a model with integrated flash under the name Keystone XR608.

Porst Zoompocket 200

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