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Ferrania Veramatic
France Version française
Photos by GE text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of GE. Last update 2022-08-10 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in Italy from 1968 to (After) 1968.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 7157

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Chronology of cameras Ferrania 

The Veramatic was launched in 1968, simultaneously with the Euramatic FC. It is smaller, even though it is also a 126 format camera, and simpler than the latter.
It lacks a focus feature. The flashcube base is replaced by a hot shoe. Its simplicity allows for a low selling price (5,500 lire) aimed at attracting young users. An additional selling point is that it is offered in several two-tone combinations: black and gray, white and gold, pink and green, orange and blue, yellow and violet.
Different versions of the Veramatic may have variations such as the shape of the shutter release button or the display of the 3M logo. The Veramatic was sold in a kit that included a simili leather case, a flashbulb, a box of AG3 B bulbs, and a roll of film.


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Le logo de cet exemplaire n'affiche pas la marque 3M. La variante noir et gris est d'une grande sobriété. 

Ferrania Veramatic


The company that would later become Ferrania had been manufacturing dynamite since 1882. During World War I, it became known as SIPE (Société Italienne Produits Explosifs) and supplied cannon powder to the Tsar of Russia. However, following the October Revolution, it began producing celluloid using its enormous stock of raw materials. Around 1917, it transformed into FILM, with Pathé Frères holding half of the company's shares for a period, and began manufacturing positive film for the cinema industry.

In 1932, FILM acquired Cappelli, a company specialized in glass plates. The company Film Cappelli Ferrania then produced films and photographic papers. In 1936, they initiated the production of cameras, and in 1938, the name was shortened to Ferrania. In 1964, 3M Minnesota became a shareholder, and the company was renamed Ferrania-3M.

In 1947, Ferrania introduced the first European color film, Ferraniacolor, and in 1981, they developed the most sensitive reversal film of the time (640 ASA), surpassing Kodak's Ektachrome High Speed.

(1) Collaboration with the founder of ICAF.

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