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Photos by JB text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of Association du Musée français de la photographie
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Made by () 1999 to (Postérieur à) 1999.
Index of rarity in France : Peu courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 7763

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Nikon Coolpix 800

The beginnings of Nikon in the field of digital point-and-shoot took place with 3 types of cameras, all of them named Coolpix. The first type is vertical and differentiates from existing cameras. It looks like Logitech’s FotoMan. Other brands came up with cameras of the same kind, but the public, as it seems, would not come onboard. The second type sports a vertically rotating half. The third type, to which we are confronted here, is more classical. Its design is average, and does not really look fine.
The viewfinder of the Coolpix 800 is accountable for a bump on top of its casing, where most controls are located, as well as an LCD screen. The shutter release is also… bulky. Contrary to a fairly good number of cameras, it is the flash which is in the center, and the lens on the side.

Nikon Coolpix 800