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Manufactured in Japon from Circa 1942 until Circa 1943.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 7947

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Ricoh Ricohl Mod.IIB

In the early 1940s, Riken (predecessor of Ricoh), inspired by the Leica, aims to make more versatile cameras than the previous productions of the brand inherited from Asahi Bussan.
It was decided to create focal plane shutter devices and interchangeable lenses.
However, because of the low availability of the 135 film in Japan, the 3 x 4 format on film 127 will be preferred which will complicate the development of the coupled system of advance film and arming of the focal plane shutter .
The first camera in the series, the Gokoku, will pay the price with reliability problems.
Ichimura Kiyoshi, the founder of Riken's photographic division, then asked Fujimoto Sakae, the future designer of the Ricohflex III, to help solve these problems.
The next models will be called Ricohl
The project will be interrupted by the hardening of the Second World War when it seems that Riken had an ambitious development plan.

The family consists of
Gokoku N°1  (The Sugiyama presents 3 models of Gokoku N° 1 including one with an interchangeable lens apparently in mount LTM)
Ricohl Mod.I
Ricohl Mod.IIB

We know very little of a possible Ricohl II of which there is no known copy or illustration and there is only speculation about it.

The Ricohl Mod.IIB which interests us here is thus the last camera of the family.
It is similar to the Ricohl Mod.I but has the distinction of having a lens mounted on a screw mount.
This mount is not compatible with the Leica M39, it measures 40 mm in diameter at a pitch of 1/32 of inch and a draft of 27.9 mm. (39mm, 1/26 "and 28.8mm for the LTM)
The Neutar 4 elements 50mm telescopic that match seems to have been the only lens made.


Ricoh Ricohl Mod.IIB