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Ricoh Hanken
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Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1953 to (After) 1953.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 7949

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The Hanken is a special version of the Ricoh Steky III created to meet the Japanese police's demand for a discreet device.
The name Hanken would mean "criminal investigation"

The modifications compared to the original model are numerous:

Gray / dark brown color.
Adding a vertical viewfinder
Modification of the film receiving cartridge.
Large diameter wheel for moving the film in one motion
Coupling the shutter arming with the film advance
Protection against multiple exposures.
Shutter release on the top of the device

The supply film cartridge is still the "Steky" standard cartridge loaded with 16 mm film.
The lens also remains the Steky Stekinar 25 mm fix-focus, but the color is the same as the camera.

There are very few copies of Hanken

Ricoh Hanken

Ricoh Hanken
Steky III vs Hanken - Coté droit
Ricoh Hanken
Steky III vs Hanken - Vue intérieure