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Manufactured in Indonésie from 2001 until (Before) 2007.
Index of rarity in France : Frequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 7952

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Fujifilm Klasse

This camera is part of the high-end compacts such as for example the Nikon 35 TI, Ricoh GR, Contax T that flourished between the 1990s and the advent of digital.
The Klasse has a focal length a little longer than most of its competitors. It was mainly intended for the Japanese market and its occidental world version was distributed by Rollei under the name AFM35.

It is a motorized camera with automatic exposure and autofocus.
An interesting feature is to have ten steps of manual focus between 40 cm and the infinity.
The automatic exposure can be used in program mode or aperture priority mode, but in these two modes no indication of the exposure settings selected by the camera is available. Only two LEDs next to the viewfinder indicate the risk of shake or under and over exposure. There is no manual exposure.
There is also no actual exposure compensation, but an "bracketing" mode adjustable on two values ??+ - 0.5 EV or + - 1 II. A backlight mode at + 2 EV is also available. Finally, pressing the shutter button halfway locks the focus and the exposure at the same time. The Bulb setting can be used as slow exposure time from 1 second to one minute in seven steps.

Turning off the device resets all settings to their default values.

So we see that this is a camera that does not know how to choose its target, it offers more fonctionallyties than a purely automatic device, but despite the inscription "Fujifilm Professional" on the top, the experts will miss an actual exposure correction, a manual mode and the indication of shooting parameters. It remains that the 38 mm has a good reputation.

In 2007, Fuji will release the Klasse S (Standard 38 mm) and W (Wide 28 mm) more complete and more expensive.


Fujifilm Klasse