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Manufactured in Japon from 1998 until (After) 1999.
Index of rarity in France : Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 7985

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Nikon Coolpix 900

The Coolpix 900 is one of the first Nikon digital camera and is their first swivel body device.
This frame configuration has been adopted in different forms by several manufacturers in early digital's time.
It has been abandoned to give way to more compact devices and probably less complicated mechanically.
Rather than moving a significant part of the device, manufacturers wishing to offer a sophisticated view on screen now choose to make only this one orientable.

There are two versions of the coolpix 900, identifiable by the reference indicated on the case sole, the E900 and the E900s.
The 900s is an improvement of the 900 on some points that remain unclear except for the addition of an external sync socket for flash. The name remains Coolpix 900 for both versions.
This socket visible on the cover under the internal flash, protected by a small screw cap, allows to connect the AS-E900 adapter cable terminated by a standard shoe equipped with the specific contacts of Nikon flashes.

On its release, the camera  got good press and was in the range of cameras offering high resolution for the time.
The possibility of adding optical complements, and for the model s an external flash increased its appeal for demanding users.
By cons the fact that the memory card is inaccessible once the device screwed on a tripod was strongly criticized

Last detail, the video output to connect an external screen is not configurable PAL / NTSC and so there are different models for PAL or NTSC output. again this is indicated on the sole of the case. So the model presented here is an E900s NTSC.

The Coolpix 900s will be followed by the Coolpix 910 which apart from the dark color it is difficult to understand the differences or improvements.


Nikon Coolpix 900

Nikon Coolpix 900

Nikon Coolpix 900