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Manufactured in Corée from after 1976 until prior to 1984.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 8562

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Kobica 35 BC-1

The Kobica 35 BC-1 is an evolution of the Kobica 35 BC.

If the design and general aspect are unchanged between the 35 BC and the 35 BC-1, many small differences exist. Among the most notable:
  - The "Tessar" mention is replaced by "Korinar" on the front of the lens
  - The serial number is engraved on the flash shoe instead of on the top cover
  - No film plane indicator on the top cover
  - The shape of the film take-up spool is different
  - The shape of the film pressure plate is different
  - The disk on the cocking lever and the film rewind crank are in matte finish instead of glossy
  - The first marks on the disc which indicates the numbers of shots are in yellow instead of red

A variant may be encountered: the main plate with the mention KOBICA 35 BC-1 is replaced by one marked KOBICA 35 in black letters and is completed by a small plate on the front with the mention BC-1 in white letters.

The kinship with the Mamiya 4B and its derivatives (including the Rank Aldis made in South Korea in the mid-1960s) is quite obvious. The Kobica 35 BC and 35 BC-1 could be considered as a Mamiya 4B (or Rank Mamiya) without light meter.