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Manufactured in Corée from 1976 until after 1976.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 8603

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Kobica 35 BC

The Kobica 35 BC is considered the first Korean camera.

It was manufactured by Korea Optical which became famous for the production of binoculars and microscopes. These first optical developments were made in cooperation with the Japanese company Mamiya. Kobica takes its name from the nationality and activities of Korea Optical: KOrea BInocular CAmera.

Thanks to the income generated by the sales of binoculars and to the cooperation with countries such as Japan, Germany and Canada, Korea Optical has developed the technologies needed to design cameras.

The Kobica 35 BC is a rangefinder camera. The viewfinder has a frame defining the covered field and a mark allows parallax correction for short-range views.

The shutter of Japanese origin (Copal) has a self-timer. The optics is designed on a Tessar formula.

Kobica 35 BC was sold in South Korea from June 1976, but faced competition from Japanese productions.

A variant may be encountered: the plate with the mention KOBICA 35 BC may be in white letters on a black background instead of black letters on a black background like the model presented here