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Photos by AG text by AG et Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of AG
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Manufactured in Japon from 1994 until (Before) 1998.
Index of rarity in France : Frequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 1008

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Canon EOS-1n

Traduction de Manuel M

Among the last silver photography cameras (the 1V being most recent) of the professional range Canon, Eos 1N has the reputation, justified, of the quasi indestructible camera. Thus, all the orders are protected moisture, either by solid rubberized caps, or by internal joints. Its reinforcement is metal and it is covered with a non-skid sleeving. It is conceived for at least 100,000 releases.
There are few visible buttons on the body: remain only the orders immediately essential to the exposures.
By opening the shutter of the selectors, on the side of the camera, one reaches the buttons of configuration for the selection of the personalized functions and the mode of motorization, as with the key of control of battery.

The viewfinder which gives 100% of the image also returns the parameters of adjustments. Its user can thus regulate it without leaving the image of the eyes.  Even if piloting is not done by the eye, one finds the collimators of autofocus system, as on Eos 5, except that they are five. The camera makes the automatic choice of the collimator which corresponds to the foreground concerned. The system is obviously disengageable. The measure of the light is coupled with the autofocus sensors, thanks to the AIM (Advanced Integrated Multi-point control) developed at the point by the engineers of Canon.

Several sources of power offer to the case various possibilities of operating:
The simplest, with the pile 2CR5 interns;
The midrange, with the power supply BP-E1, 4 batteries AA and a battery 2CR5, to choose by switch; the unit is called then Eos 1N DP;
The most improved, the “Power Booster” PB-E1,8 batteries AA, with the buttons of shutter release and memorizing, allowing to obtain up to 6 images a second: it is Eos 1N HS.

It should be noted that Eos 3 can be supplied with the same sources.

There exists a special version of the 1n, called 1n RS, equipped with a mirror fixes transparent. That authorizes a centring continues and a rate of exposure of 10 images/second.

The EOS 1n was presented at the time of Photokina 1994.