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Manufactured in United Kingdom from (Before) 1934 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Frequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 10499

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Coronet Folding

Traduction de Manuel M

I inherited this camera to beginning of the year 90, of an old woman, friend of my family since a very long time. It is a camera which probably dates of the Fifties, or at the beginning of 60’s.
I do not know almost anything of this folding camera: format 6x9, focal distance of 105mm, meniscus lens. The shutter is with two positions; a pose I which probably correspond to the 1/50s, and an pose T which proves to be a B ! No diaphragm…
The focusing is done thanks to the extension of the bellows: there too two positions only! An adjustment with 3m for the closer taking of view, and an adjustment on the infinite one.

During the summer 2006 I proceeded a light cosmetic restore of this camera; I realized that I had never opened it when I found there a film Panchromatic Kodak Plus X obviously exposed, and of an age estimated at about forty years!
I developed this film in developer Kodak D76, according to a time a little randomness. And the result is not too bad; the negative one suffered from the years of storage, and my method of developing was certainly not optimal. But it is with pleasure that I could re-examine people whom I known in my childhood, and whom I discovered there with 20 years less than when I knew them!