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Zeiss ikon Ikoflex I (850/16) favori envoyer Print
Photos by JPHB text by JPHB. From the collection of JPHB
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Manufactured in Allemagne from 1934 until 1937.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 21218

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Zeiss ikon Ikoflex I

Traduction de Manuel M

Baptized well inopportunely “Coffee Can” because of its vague resemblance to the coffee boxes of the time, this beautiful camera combines a set of noticeable improvements. A lever located in front, under the lens of taking is a lever of fast advance of film.
This film can be indifferently of the 120 or the 620. There is an exposure counter for each of the two formats, located on each side of the camera. These two exposure counters are readable at the top of the camera.

There is a table of depth of field located above the lens of centring. At the time of the focusing, the operation of a lateral lever made move the hexagonal part which supports the two lenses. The small dial of the distances turns in a way synchronized to obtain the calculation of the depth of field permanently.

There is a double posting of speeds so that they are visible of front face and the top.

On the first specimens of this model, the higher cap was “with steps”. On this one, the cap is with the shape of a truncated pyramid. It is surmounted by a viewfinder, which is probably not of origin. Under the cap is a magnifying glass of centring.

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