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Manufactured in Grande-Bretagne from prior to 1936 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2732

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Sinclair Una

Traduction de Manuel M

Not less than five pages of publicities are dedicated to this camera in the Almanach 1936 of British Journal Photographic.

Its practical side, its simplicity and its robustness are taking in front, going until to call upon to witness the members of a forwarding of the Royal Company of Geography on the Everest.

It is a camera manufactured in mahogany tree for the visible woodworks, covered partly with leather morocco. The metal parts are out of brass. The bellows is out of leather, flexible to allow great extensions and also to yield with all flows of the front plate. The adjustments of distance, of extension of the bellows, the viewfinder, off-centring are very close to each other and can all be handled left hand whereas the camera is held of the right hand.

The front is, according to the manufacturer, very rigid and “a few grams were sacrificed to preserve this rigidity”.

The plate can be off-centered vertically and rock in order to facilitate the adjustment of certain lines.

The back is rotary in order to do easily of the vertical format to the horizontal format.

The distance scale is out of ivory and is graduated in yards and not in feet.There is a table of depth of field. There is also a spirit level.

One characteristic is rare, the viewfinder is connected with the bellows, so that in the event of front off-centring, the bellows while moving to the top, carries the sight.

The shutter is a NS, i.e. “Newmann Sinclair”, Perfect model.

This model exists in tropical version, where there is no leather covering. The camera is completely out of polished mahogany tree. The manufacturer specifies that it does not use teak because this one is not adapted to the hot and dry climates.

There exist several accessories for Una, of which one which makes it possible to show photograph with a teleobjective (illustration) and which is called Atkin-Swan Tilting Table.

Standard Una exists in several formats from 6 x 9 cm to 13 x 18 cm. The lens can be a Ross Homocentric 6.8 or a Ross Xpress 4.5 or Ross Combinable 5.5 and 11.

Sinclair Una

Sinclair Una

Sinclair Una