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Manufactured in Indonésie from 1998 until Circa 2001.
Index of rarity in France : Peu courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2836

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Kodak Advantix 4700 ix

Traduction Patrick Marot (avec la participation de JM).

Last film format created by Kodak in 1996, the APS is in the form of a cartridge smaller than the cartridge 135. It allows easy loading of the camera and offers, by a set of caches included, three formats of views : C (classic), H (16 / 9) and P (pan).

Whole series of Advantix was manufactured in Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia).

The Advantix have been developed in two designs: that of the 24x36 Compact one hand (eg Advantix F 300) and that of Cameo Motor (110 size).

The presented model produced in 2001 is one of the most advanced of the serie with an objective lens made of glass (one aspherical) with auto focus (with memory), an electronic shutter, a flash (automatic or forced against for backlightings).

Like its predecessor, the Advantix T700 Zoom , the film can be removed during shooting.