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Photos by DCh text by DCh. From the collection of DCh
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Chronology of the Agfa brand  New window

Manufactured in Germany from 1948 until 1950.
Index of rarity in France : Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2905

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Agfa Karat 12

The Agfa Karat range was created in 1936-1937, The first Karat 12 was launched in 1941, it is equipped with a Compur shutter. The first Karat 12 equipped  with a Compur Rapid shutter and an accessory shoe appeared in 1948.

Karat 12 hence their name, have the special  feature to be equipped with 2 cartridges Agfa 135 of 12 exposures, a debtor and receiver, thus it is useless to rewind, all you have to do is reverse the cartridges. The two cartridges being exactly the same, an indication « EXP » at the end of the exposed film makes the difference. The counter of view stops of course at 12 digits.


Agfa Karat 12 cartridges look like Ansco 24 cartridges who are lightly bigger. The merging between Agfa and Ansco at the end of the 20’s allowed the development of the Karat 12 cartridges.


Above is the model named 2016 which is equipped with a Compur Rapid shutter and an accessory shoe, the film wind on is not synchronised with the shutter. This camera goes back between 1948 and 1950.

It is mounted with a Rodenstock Heligon lens 1 :2.0, which is rare for this model. Another amazing feature is that there is no sign of Karat on this camera .

In terms of comfort of use the Karat 12 is equipped  with only one window for the viewfinder and the rangefinder as well as a manual depth of field indication. Except the wind on lever which goes towards the left, it could challenge the Kodak Retina.