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Manufactured in Germany from 1912 until Circa 1920.
Index of rarity in France : Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 4075

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Goerz Taro-Tenax

This solid Goerz aluminum camera is dated 1912 . Its name is Taro- Tenax II or Taro- Tenax mod. II .
It has the usual features of this kind of beautiful camera , but the most remarkable part is definitely the CPG logo(for Carl Paul Goerz integrated into the dual- rail extension rack) , on which expands the bellows .
The shutter is a Compur offering up to 1/250 . The lens is a Goerz Doppel anastigmat 130 mm opening at 6.8 .
The vertical and horizontal shift is available . There is even a spirit level , still functional despite the history of the German unit.

However, the most important is its story:

It was received from a friend who himself received it in 1972 in Burundi from a very old German missionary who had it from his predecessor. Whew!
It is therefore possible that this unit has had a good fifty years life in the heart of Africa, where he may have been brought as a new item between 1912 and 1920. Knowing that the Germans were present in the region, colonialism was in fashion , from 1894 until the end of WW1 , the story is realistic.

Goerz Taro-Tenax