Nikon Nikkor
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Brand: Nikon ../../objectifs/images/1328644655.jpg../../objectifs/images/1328644655.jpg../../objectifs/images/1328644655.jpg../../objectifs/images/1328644655.jpg
Model: Nikkor
Made in: Japon Tokyo Japon

Lenght: 28 mm Type: Grand angle
Maximum aperture: 3,5 Minimum aperture: 22
Made from: Serial number: To: Serial number:
Optical formula: 6 éléments, 6 groupes Focusing mode: Manuelle
Minimum focusing: 30 (metric) Macro: Non
Mount: Nikon F Multi-coated:
Lenght maxi: 50 (mm) Lenght mini: 47 (mm)
Diameter maxi: 54 (mm)    
Weight: 230 (g.)    
Filter mount: 52 (mm)  
Central shutter: Non Number of blades:
Integrated filter: Hood: Accessoire
Angle of view: 74 Macro ratio:
Nikon Nikkor
Nikon Nikkor
Nikon Nikkor

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