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Royer Savoyflex I
France Version française
Photos by Sylvain Halgand text by Arnaud Saudax. From the collection of Sylvain Halgand. Last update 2022-10-20 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in France from 1959 to (After) 1960.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 13120

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Chronology of cameras Royer 

SavoieThe Royer Savoy cameras are compact 24 x 36 cameras known for their solid construction and reliability. They enjoyed great success in the late 1950s and positioned themselves as competitors to Kodak Retinettes in France. Being more affordable than Focasport cameras, they also found popularity among young conscripts who experienced challenging times in Algeria.

The first model was the Savoy I, but its career was relatively short due to design flaws, which were corrected in the Savoy II. The Savoy III featured a larger and brighter viewfinder. The Savoya was a cheaper version of the Savoy II. In addition to this series of simple cameras, there were models with non-coupled light meters, the IIC and IIc.

With a different design, the Savoy 3 F, Savoy III B, and Savoy III BS were more advanced models with a modern appearance. The use of a numeral in the model name helps distinguish them from the Savoy III.

Model   Lens

First body shape
Savoy I Removable front plate, non-opening back. Helionar 3.5/50mm
ditto Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoy II
Modified body, wider bulge on the top to accommodate a larger viewfinder. Opening back.
Som Berthiot 3.5/50 mm
Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoy II C, with Chauvin-Arnoux cell Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoy II C with Micro Realt cell Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoy III Like the Savoy II, but with a collimated viewfinder. Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoya Economical version (winding with a button). Som Berthiot 3.5/50 mm
Boyer 3.5/50 mm
Second shape (more rectangular)
Savoy 3B Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoy 3 BS Shutter more advanced than on the 3 B Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoy 3F Built-in flash for AG-1 bulbs. Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoyflex I Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoyflex II Shutterr 1/300 Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Shutter 1/500 Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoyflex IIE with fast mirror Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoyflex III Automatic exposure
Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm
Savoyflex IIIE ditto Som Berthiot 2.8/50 mm


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A partir de 1958, Royer introduit sur le marché, une gamme de trois appareils reflex à objectifs non interchangeables, les Savoyflex.

Le Savoyflex I est le plus simple des trois modèles de Savoyflex. C'est un reflex à objectif fixe. Il n'a pas de posemètre. Le prisme est fixe. La mise au point se fait par rotation de la lentille frontale.

Le Savoyflex II permet la mise au point par une monture hélicoïdale.
Le Savoyflex IIE a un retour du miroir a plus grande vitesse.

Le Savoyflex III (aussi appelé automatique) à une cellule Westinghouse. Il existe également une variante E du III.

Royer Savoyflex I

Royer Savoyflex I

Royer Savoyflex I

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