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Canon Prima Zoom 90u II Date
France Version française
Photos by JPH text by JPH. From the collection of JPH. Last update 2021-03-17 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in from 2005 to (After) 2006.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 13442

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Chronology of cameras Canon 

The Canon Prima Zoom 90u II Date1 is an improvement on the Prima Zoom 90u released two years earlier. The new model has the same main characteristics as its predecessor. The number of Scenes mode is increased from 5 to 6. 

Time stamping is integrated as standard. For a long time, manufacturers reserved it for the asian markets, very fond of this type of function. In Europe, it was then optional.

1 Sure Shot 90u II Date in America.

Canon Prima Zoom 90u II Date