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Ansco Anscomark M
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Photos by VB text by VB. From the collection of VB. Last update 2012-03-18 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1960 to (After) 1960.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 15472

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Chronology of cameras Ansco 

The Ansco Anscomark M was designed and built by Ricoh at the request of Ansco and its American sixties appearance is quite different from contemporaries Ricoh.
In the early sixties, Ricoh has provided several camera models to Ansco.
It has had at that time,an agreement between Ricoh and GAF including dry photocopying process licensing for the provision of still cameras to Ansco (source Ricoh historic website).

The device falls into the category of rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses, it is heavier than its massive appearance suggests it, almost one kilogram with the 50mm 1.9.
The mount is specific, four lenses have been developed. Two standard 50mm optics were delivered at the customer choice with the body, a Xytar opening to f2.8 and a Xyton opening to f1.9, it is the latter which seems to have been the best selling because the 2.8 is quite difficult to find .
Separately a Xyton wide angle 35mm opening to f3.5 and tele 100mm opening to f4 were available.
It has a selenium lightmeter, an index coupled with the exposure time, the openning and the sensitivity settings, is to be set in coincidence with the needle of the galvanometer in a window on the top of the unit. There is no reminder in the viewfinder.
The sensing element is housed behind the small panel that bears the name of the device, it opens by pressing a small lever on the right side and then acts as a sunshade for the cell, this should avoid too much of Influencing the brightness of the sky in the exhibition.
The viewfinder frames collimated displays three frames of the three focal simultaneously, each with a different color, the color of the frame is rapellée by a border of the same color on the frame of the lenses, green for the 35mm, white for the 50mm and red for the 100mm.
The finder's frames moves according to the focusing to correct the parallax. the round rangefinder's image is quite bright and the camera is comfortable to use. Shutter cocking and film advance is done by a lever under the camera.
Oddly the frame counter was placed on the back which complicates the mechanics and increases the thickness of the device.

This device has been marketed in Japan under the name of Ricoh 999.

Ansco Anscomark M